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Southern is ready to meet the growing service and repair needs of the heat exchanger industry. We have established a loyal client base due to our experience and responsiveness, but we are always looking to add more clients and serve them to the best of our ability. Our skilled tradespeople are equipped to handle work of virtually any size and type, from pipe size shell and tube units, to feedwater heaters and fin fan units.


As a TEMA and HTRI member whose Engineering Manager sits on the TEMA Technical Committee, we have instant access to the latest thermal and mechanical technology in the heat exchanger industry. This combination of professional education, years of specialized experience, and the latest tools in the industry ensure we provide the most thermally efficient and cost effective designs possible. Regardless of whether the mechanical design is generated in-house or provided by our customer, the engineering phase begins a process that builds quality into the exchanger from the outset.


Our purchasing department has access to suppliers, decades of experience, industry specific knowledge and powerful relationships with suppliers; all of which help to ensure your custom fabricated and engineered heat exchanger is manufactured within budget, to specification, and without delay. We use state of the art purchasing and tracking technologies to provide you with the highest proven quality materials on time for your projects.


Since Southern is a growing and evolving company, we consistently update our tools and technology to coincide with the newest technology. We use thermal and mechanical designs that are geared towards providing efficient production for unique heat transfer problems. We also pride ourselves on hiring engineers who are not only impeccably trained but who are willing to use their career as a constant evolution of learning. At Southern we are constantly learning new ways to improve ourselves, and by taking advantage of new technology and equipment we are able to bring the best product to our customers.

Quality Control

Southern is known throughout the industry as a manufacturer of world class heat exchangers. This is, in no small part, due to our QC Department. We pride ourselves on recognizing discrepancy’s ugly head before it creates rework and recognize that strict adherance to quality standards drive everything from safety to on-time delivery to product longevity. Through the integration of our inspectors and the management of processes, the QC arm of the Southern body ensures that your heat exchanger has Southern values built in.

World Class Exchangers

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