Central to the modern world economy, the chemical industry converts raw materials (oil, natural gas, air, water, metals, and minerals) into more than 70,000 different products.  Most of products that you use every day, from cosmetics to vitamins to plastics, are chemical creations. Often times you don’t even register these products as coming from the chemical industry when you are using them because they are so engrained in your every day life. As the chemical market works to innovate and compete, we work side by side with the world’s largest companies to achieve exceptional results. In achieving these results, we want you to put your trust in us and know that we are working with the chemical industry to give you the products you deserve.


Fertilizer is an essential tool in protecting crops and keeping our fresh food healthy for consumption. With a growing global population, which is expected to surpass 9.5 billion people by the year 2050, the importance of fertilizer can’t be stressed enough. Half of all food grown around the world today, for both people and animals, is made possible with the use of fertilizer. The fertilizer industry depends on high quality heat exchanger designs to withstand a caustic process and maximize facility uptime.  We know that you depend on the quality of our product, and our success depends on your success.

Oil & Gas

As one of the biggest industries in the world, oil and gas goes a lot deeper than just putting gas in your car. The world depends on it for heating and machinery, among other things, and our global economy could not function without the oil and gas industry enabling it to extract and refine petroleum. Derivatives of these products are used to create plastic bottles, improve pharmaceutical compounds, and power our homes. Despite its many uses, oil and gas are volatile products that, when processed, must be handled with caution.  Even as we depend on this industry to move our country forward, we understand that your safety depends on the level of care with which we produce your product.  We focus on safety in our facility, and we are confident that working with us shows that you prioritize safety as well.

Paper & Pulp

Despite predictions that the digital revolution would make paper obsolete, the paper industry continues as an integral part of our daily life.  Internet shopping has drastically increased the use of packaging, printer and copier paper, and at-home catalogs.  Instead of becoming obsolete, the paper industry has continued to evolve in order to improve production yields and incorporate recycled ingredients.  These efforts to reduce waste have radically changed the methods used to produce your products.  SHECO has worked with the paper industry throughout our 50 year history, and we understand the challenges you face.  We want to help you face upcoming challenges with the confidence that you have a quality vendor on your team.