Research & Development

Few fabrication companies look at themselves as disruptive innovators, but at SHECO, continuous improvement is not just an exercise; it is our core belief. Our team stays current with developing technologies and actively invests in research and development. We are always looking for new cutting edge welding methods, equipment, and NDE techniques. Our improvements translate directly to greater longevity for your equipment. 


Not only does our sales staff know heat exchangers, but we are also highly trained in process design. As degreed chemical and mechanical engineers, we understand the relationship between our equipment and your process. We actively participate in several industry trade groups and closely follow trends in the different industries we serve. Our sales engineers are all highly skilled in thermal design with the industry gold standard program HTRI. Our thermal designs are more efficient and always guaranteed.

Project Management

From the day you place an order until the final data package arrives, you will have a personal project manager to guide you through our process. Our project managers provide you with a single point of contact to simplify your job. About to run into a meeting, and you need a quick update? You can also log in to our customer portal and check on your project in real-time.


As a TEMA and HTRI member whose Engineering Manager sits on the TEMA Technical Committee, we have instant access to the latest thermal and mechanical technology in the heat exchanger industry. This combination of professional education, years of specialized experience, and the latest tools in the industry ensure we provide the most thermally efficient and cost effective designs possible. Regardless of whether the mechanical design is generated in-house or provided by our customer, the engineering phase begins a process that builds quality into the exchanger from the outset.


Anyone can buy tubes or plates, but our relationships with our trusted supplier network give us an edge. We closely track our suppliers, audit them regularly, and evaluate their metrics. We do all of this to ensure that we manufacture your equipment with the highest quality components and that we only work with suppliers who value your time as much as we do.  With over 50 years’ experience in heat exchanger purchasing, we start with high quality parts to provide a high quality product. 


At SHECO, dates ALWAYS matter. You can count on our team members to hold each other accountable to achieve our commitment dates. Our multiple, strategically located facilities allow us the flexibility to meet your schedule, no matter how tight. In addition, our heavy R&D effort keeps our team from training on your product.  Unlike so many in our industry, with SHECO you are partnering with a team that brings needed experience to shop floor.  Trust us with your project, and you will have one less worry.


Anyone who truly knows quality understands that it does not come from inspections. Quality at SHECO starts with every person in the organization. Our "Quality at the Source" program ensures the operator inspects every part at multiple steps in the process. Our quality inspectors are just there to audit and document the process. Everyone makes errors, but we catch them earlier than anyone else in our industry.  On top of that, our data packages’ average delivery is less than two days after shipment.