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Heat Exchanger Bundle

SHECO has been designing and building custom heat exchanger products since 1961. Our goal is to be the first choice supplier for all of your heat exchanger needs. We do this with custom engineered solutions, precision manufacturing, and world class customer service. Come and see why SHECO is First Choice.

Our Services

Shell & Tube Exchangers

With more than 20,000 units delivered since 1961, Shell & Tube exchangers have been SHECO’s core focus since the beginning. From small 4″ diameter units that could fit on a table top, to 350,000 pound behemoths – we’ve built them all. If you need thermal and mechanical design for a complete unit, a replacement bundle, repairs, or retubes, SHECO has the expertise to help.

Design & Build

For complete turnkey design and build – SHECO has the experience needed to ensure you get exactly what you need exactly how you need it. Our thermal design engineers are involved early in the quoting process – they can suggest a design even if all you have is some basic process information and desired metallurgy. They can also take an existing design and modify it while working to maintain existing connection points and footprint.

Field Service

If you have a complex job that needs to be done in the field, SHECO is ready to help. We offer a broad range of services, such as field retubes, weld repairs, tube plugging / pulling, field machining and more. The people we send are experts when it comes to shell & tube and air cooled heat exchangers.

Rapid Response

Come see our affiliated brand – Worldwide Exchangers LLC. If you have a job that required an extremely fast delivery – including calculations, drawings and the equipment itself – we have your covered with Worldwide. When it comes to shell & tube and air cooled exchangers – Worldwide is known for…

Rapid Response – The speed you need, the price you demand™

Air Cooled Heat Exchangers

Along with Rapid Response – Worldwide has been designing and building Air Cooled Heat Exchangers (ACHEs) since 1995. Our ACHE division is headquartered in Tulsa, and staffed with air cooler experts. Come see the Worldwide difference.


and many more…

SHECO – a proud member of TEMA since 1971

SHECO – An active member of HTRI for more than 50 years

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